3 Professional Coaching Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Listening to podcasts from other life and business coaches is a great way to stay up to date on developments within the coaching industry while learning how some of the best most successful coaches go about running their podcasts. Although there have been dozens of life and business coaching podcasts that have emerged over the past decade, only a handful of them have had the staying power to continue delivering useful content on a long term basis. Here are three reliable podcasts that have the The Advisory Board believes are worth checking out.

Robert Harrison’s Coaching by the Life Coach Podcast

If you specialize in business coaching or executive coaching, you should definitely take a moment to tune in for a couple episodes of Coaching by the Life Coach. Robert Harrison is the founder of Professionals Edge Coaching and Consulting, which specializes in applying the core fundamentals of professional coaching to help clients reach short and long term career goals.

As the host of Coaching by the Life Coach, Harrison uses his business background to discuss on professionals from every industry can benefit from using various coaching techniques in their business. In more recent episodes, he has had many guest coaches on his program to talk about topics ranging from neuro-linguistic programming to marketing for expanding your business.

Devlyn Steele’s Tools to Life Podcast

For nearly two and a half years, professional life coach Devlyn Steele broadcasted a daily podcast covering nearly every aspect of life coaching and positive thinking from the popular Tools to Life website, which is no small feat. Although the podcast is currently on hiatus, Tools to Life is offering every single life coaching podcast to the public free of charge. Nearly all of these recordings are devoted to how listeners can improve their personal lives, but a considerable amount of his material applies to business coaching as well.

Some of the topics that Steele focuses on include goal setting and strategizing, staying committed and taking action every day. His upbeat, proactive approach is simply infectious, and taking a short break with a Tools to Life episode is a great way to stay motivated throughout your workday.

Coach Training Alliance Podcast

The Coach Training Alliance offers one of the only podcasts that are designed specifically for an audience of profession life and business coaches. There podcasts are short and sweet, so you do not have to set aside much time to benefit from what they have to say. Although there are only handful of episodes available, they are all so tailor made to the challenges that professional coaches face every day that you will be missing out if you do not give them a chance. A couple of the better Coach Training Alliance podcasts include “What Will Lead a Client to Choose a New Coach?” and “Low Touch Marketing.”