4 Simple Coaching Questions that Empower Clients

As a professional life or business coach, it’s your duty to help clients realize their goals and their way forward through a combination of probing questions and active listening skills.It is certainly true that an effective coach needs to avoid using leading questions that steer a client toward one particular path of action. However, knowing how to ask the right types of empowering coaching questions can be one of the best ways for getting coaching clients to reach their full potential. Here are four top coaching quesions that do just that.

In previous periods that you have found it easier to make progress towards your goal, what was different in your personal or professional setting that gave your more time, energy or courage?

No matter what a client’s particular goal happens to be, it’s almost certain that he has had some success working toward his goal in the past before seeking out professional coaching. Experts in marketing for coaching know that the secret to successful coaching is uncovering hidden strengths and resources that a client has forgotten how to tap into.

If you could snap your fingers and one obstacle would be out of your way, what would it be? What would that change?

When it comes to business coach marketing, it is helpful to position yourself as a resource that helps clients avoid patterns of limited thinking. Questions like this can help a clients realize that an obstacle that seems unavoidable can be circumvented with a little bit of creative thinking.

You seem to have made some serious progress since we last met. How do you feel about how far you’ve come?

As a professional life or business coach, it is important to remind your clients how far they have come when they are clearly making progress toward their goals. A simple question like this empowers clients to realize just how much they are capable of when they believe in their projects and work proactively toward reaching their goal one step at a time.

When you think of the more challenging obstacles that might hold you back, who do you know that has resources or experience that can help you move forward?

Even the most driven clients sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they are in their missions by themselves. Empowering coaching questions like this one remind clients to think about friends and colleagues who have been in similar situations or may have the perfect resources or contacts to help move a project closer to completion.

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