Using Personality Assessments to Understand Your Own Motivations and Values

As important it is to actively listen and understand who your coaching clients are as individuals, it’s equally critical that you have a concrete grasp of your own inner values and motivations. While there are many effective ways of looking inward and exploring your personal and professional identity, personality assessments are a proven method of cutting through your natural assumptions and getting an objective look at what drives you. These insights will enable you to listen and communicate more clearly with coaching clients who have a wide range of personalities of coach, improving your coaching practice and helping you to improve your clients’ lives.

One of the keys to coaching effectively is being able to listen objectively to individuals with different backgrounds and personalities. For example, coaches who have very detail oriented, analytical personalities often have to change gears and adopt a different coaching style for clients who have more of big picture, shoot from the hip point of view. Likewise, individuals who are very money motivated in their professional lives are required to think outside of the box when working with clients who are not terribly interested in financial success.

Personality assessments are known for revealing personal values and motivations that play a major role in your behavior and world view that you may not have been aware of in the past. In many cases, they are one of the best instruments available for discovering how you appear to others rather than yourself. As a result, these assessments can help you communicate better with your clients while keeping your assumptions about others in check.

Learning more about what makes you tick can also improve your overall coaching marketing campaign and get more coaching clients. When it comes to marketing a coaching practice, you need to have an authentic personal brand that resonates with the types of clients that you want to serve, and it’s downright impossible to appear authentic when you don’t know who you really are. By seriously studying the results of a top-notch personality assessment, you can come to terms with your own personal conflicts and put your best foot forward as the type of professional business or life coach you are striving to be. The end result? More coaching clients and a thriving coaching practice.