Why Your Coaching Practice Needs a Solid Marketing Foundation

If you are new life or business coach who is struggling to learn how to get coaching clients, you can take comfort in the fact that virtually every successful coach started off where you are standing today. You got into coaching for all of the right reasons. You trained and studied from the best coaching mentors out there. You made the commitment, cut your teeth and made the leap into coaching as a career, only to find that the world did not form an orderly line to your doorstep the moment you hung a coaching sign on your door.

Welcome to coaching marketing, folks. All of coaching skills and passion in the world don’t add up to squat if no one know you exist. This is where the rubber meets the road.

As a coach, you’re learning already the same lesson as others in the professional services sector such as accountants and dentists have to deal with: In addition to being a great coach, you absolutely have to become great at coaching marketing in order to become successful.

Thankfully, you already have a lead on this challenge over other professionals due to the very nature of coaching. The chances are that you were led into the coaching job market by an instinctive impulse toward helping others, probably others who are facing a very particular type of challenge.

Because of this, marketing your coaching services should feel like less of a chore than unfortunate individuals who have fell into a line of work that they are not passionate about. Instead of struggling to motivate yourself to market a bland service, your natural passion for coaching can serve as the push you need to share why you do what you do with the world.

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